Boston In Town

Jose had everybody on the edge of their seats in the 9th inning yesterday but he got out of it and the Phillies ended a two-game spin.

Elias Sports Bureau reports that yesterday with the 18th time Chase and J-Roll have homered in the same game.  Only current middle infielders with more are Ramirez and Uggla of the Marlins, 20 times.

Interleague Play
Interleague play now begins for the Phillies, a three-game series against the Red Sox in Philly. It seems as if the Phillies hit a June swoon when they play the American League.  This weekend is the only interleague play for the Phils this month.  But, June features 15 such games, the 11th through the 27th.   Hopefully June will be swoonless.  (Spell check says there isn’t such a word as swoonless.  Well, I just invented it, then).

Overall, the Phillies are 96-121 since interleague play began in 1997. Last time they had a winning record, 8-7, in 2007.  They really scuffled at Citizens Bank Park last year, 1-8.

Boston holds the upper hand against the Phillies, 22-15.  Phillies record against other AL clubs on this year’s schedule: Yankees (10-11), Twins (3-3), Indians (3-3) and Blue Jays (14-16).

Remember, the June 25-26-27 weekend series against the Blue Jays has been shifted from Toronto to Philadelphia.  Tickets for that series go on sale today.

Hard to Believe
Jayson Werth hasn’t hit a homer off a LHP pitcher this year.

National TV
Tonight’s game will on MLB Network, but blacked out locally. 

Tomorrow’s 7:05 game is a FOX telecast, one of two prime time Saturday telecasts this year.

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