Weekend Time

Weekend in Phoenix is where the Phillies are after taking two of three in Atlanta.  Shame because it could have easily been a Georgia sweep.  But, two of three works for the rest of the season.

Todd Zolecki posted some interesting numbers today in his blog.  Didn’t realize we are last in stolen bases and we haven’t homered since last Saturday. 

Tim Lincecum is pitching tonight for the Giants against the Cardinals.  That means we get him next Wednesday.  Was hoping we’d miss him. 

As Todd reported, Scott Franzke and his wife, Lori, became parents for the first time last night, a boy named August.  Poor Lori, she now has two male voices to listen to.

Today, Rheal Cormier, 43 and tomorrow bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer, 46.  He looks older that that.

Career Day
Spent the morning at Triton High School in New Jersey, career day for ninth graders.  Golly, they are young.  My two World Series rings got everyone’s attention.

Most popular question: “Do you know Chase Utley?”

That’s better than a couple of years ago when I went to a career day for first graders where our daughter teaches.  One little boy asked, “Did you know Babe Ruth?”

Enjoy the weekend.

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Congrats to Scott! I guess they could not name the boy April, huh? lol


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