Pitching and leather

No need for the bullpen last night.  Doc is certainly delivering as advertised. 

Pitching and leather can win games.  While Doc was dominant again, the Phillies defense certainly played a key role in the win. Shane, Chase, Castro and Ryan all sparkled.  There were multiple Web Gems in that game.

Doc works fast, throws strikes and that helps the fielders behind him.  They’re on their toes.  When the game moves slowly and pitchers have trouble throwing strikes, fielders are on their heels.

Loved Charlie’s quote when asked about Doc and the bullpen: “There was nobody up.  The relievers were all down there eating peanuts with the fans.”

Pitchers such as Doc are instrumental in preventing a long losing streak.  Oh, there will be games in which he won’t win but over the long season, he’ll win more of his share and end losing streaks, such as the three-gamer last night.

Happy Birthday
Mickey Morandini is 44; Terry Francona, 51.

Coming  Soon
Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition is a new commemorative 252-page book that showcases the Phillies historic faces and places since 1883.  Over 400 photos make for an interesting publication.  Fans can pre-order now.  It is scheduled for delivery early next month.  Will keep you informed. You can pre-order now.

Did you know the Phillies once had a female scout?  Rich Westcott wrote about Edith Houghton in the book. 


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