ESPN Today

All aboard.  Two buses departed Bright House Field at 8 this morning for Lake Buena Vista and a 1 o’clock game with the Braves.  It will be televised nationally on ESPN.

All the regulars are on the trip, except Werth.  He and Gload will get in some at-bats in minor league games this afternoon.  Lidge is also pitching at Carpenter Complex.

Minor leaguers on the trip include pitchers Tyson Brummett, Alex Concepcion, Chad Poe, Michael Schwimmer; infielders Troy Hanzawa, Fidel Hernandez and outfielder Brad Wilkerson.

Phillies photographer Miles Kennedy has been busy the last week photographing players, wives and families for a Phillies Cook Book that the wives will be selling during the season.  Goal is to have the publication available by Mother’s Day.

Imagine Jimmy Rollins in a chef’s hat, apron and spatula in his right hand?

Back home with the Astros (broadcast on Phillies internet) . . . Halladay will be pitching in a minor league game at the Complex . . . WIP Radio with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese will broadcast live from the Tiki Bar from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Faithful reader Stu responded to yesterday’s plea for contact information for Lou Lucier, a former Phillies pitcher who turned 92 yesterday. Now, we can send a Phillies jersey to Lou as a birthday present, although a bit belated.

Alumni Memories
A daily feature–spring training memories by Phillies Alumni, who were asked three questions:  (1) Memories of their very first spring training; (2) What they liked the most about spring training, and (3) What did they like the least.

Marty Bystrom (RHP, 1980-84)
“1978. I was 18 years old and with the Spartanburg Phillies. 42 was my uniform number and my roommate was Manny Abreu. My fondest memory of the first day was how everyone threw so much harder than I did. I thought to myself, ‘Where did these guys come from?’ It was eye-opening for sure. I also felt so proud to put on the Phillies uniform. The thing I liked most was the challenge of facing hitters that were so much more experienced than I had faced in college. The thing I liked the least was only getting soup and crackers for lunch and the Circle Jerk. We had to run in a circle in the outfield with glove in hand, full uniform, and wearing spikes for 20 minutes. On each lap a coach would hit a ground ball so you had to bend down to field it. It was more of a mental conditioning process than physical.”

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