Kruk's Spring Training Memories

Last time I saw Citizens Bank Park, white snow blanketed the entire place.  Walking into Bright House Field this morning, one couldn’t help but notice the beautiful green grass.  Green is a color missing back in Philly these days.

Two days from now, pitchers and catchers will walk out the back door of Bright House Field and head for the Carpenter Complex.   Spring training 2010 will officially begin.

Many of the athletes are already here, working out informally.  Same goes for some minor leaguers at the Carpenter Complex.

Led by Ruben and Charlie a meeting was held at 9:30 this morning with the coaches and minor league staff that is in the big camp.  Rich Dubee is the camp coordinator and he reviewed the daily schedules. Head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan provided a medical update.  The annual Bill Giles camp golf tournament took place in the afternoon.  The meetings continue and conclude tomorrow morning. There’s a large meeting room on the second level of the re-built Paul Owens Training Facility building at Complex where the meetings are being held. 

Alumni Memories
Starting today, spring training memories from Phillies Alumni will be posted right here, Monday through Fridays.

Alumni were asked three questions: (1) Memories of your first spring training; (2) What did you like the most about spring training, and (3) What did you like the least.

John Kruk (1B, 1989-94)
“My first big league spring training was with the San Diego Padres in beautiful Yuma, AZ, in 1986. I was given number 44.  What I liked about spring training was getting together with the boys and having a great time on and off the field! What I disliked was everything else, meaningless games, it was way too long and boredom!!! My most memorable moment in my first spring was sitting in the clubhouse but manager Dick Williams didn’t show up. He decided to retire and forgot to tell the Padres.”



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