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Placido Polanco will sign autographs (first 500 guests) on Saturday in the Majestic Clubhouse Store at Citizens Bank Park;12 noon until 1:30 p.m. . . . Phillie Phanatic and Phillies ballgirls will be there. Free parking in Lot P on Darien Street.
Sunday night is the first showing of the Phillies 2009 Video Yearbook, Legends of the Fall.  It will take place at the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, NJ.  Writer and producer Dan Stephenson will be there.  Video Dan has again produced a classic. Tickets are on sale now at
Scouting director Marti Wolever and his assistant, Rob Holiday, met with the scouting supervisors this week in Omaha to begin plans for the 2010 scouting season that leads to the annual First-Year Player Draft in June.  Phillies have the 26th selection in the first round, I believe.
Ruben Amaro Jr. has been here there and everywhere this month.  Went to MLB meetings in Arizona, the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation’s annual awards banquet in LA, the Baseball Assistance Team banquet in NY, the opening of the Phillies new baseball academy in the Dominican Republic.  Tonight, he’s attending the Reading Phillies banquet.  Thanks to cell phones, text messaging and his staff, he was able to conduct his normal baseball business while on the go.

Ruben also participated in the first-ever two-day Prospect Education Program held at Citizens Bank Park.
Robin Roberts (Scout’s Dream Award) and Bill Giles (Bud Selig Award) were honored at the banquet in LA . . . Brad Lidge was honored at the BAT banquet for his contributions to the community.
First spring training workout for pitchers and catchers will take place in Clearwater, FL, three weeks from today!


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Saw the Yearbook on the Phillies Cruise…it was really great, as they are every year. Hey, are you going to the PSWA dinner next week? It won’t be the same without Harry :O( I have his name tag from last year’s event that he gave to me after dinner…signed it for me too. That was the last time I got to talk to him, so this year will be rough. Looking forward to hearing Todd speak though. If I don’t see ya there, I’ll be posting info on my blog about it on Tuesday.


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