Back In Town

A slimmed-down, very relaxed and jovial Charlie Manuel met the media at noon today in the Media Room.  He was last seen by the media after the final out of the World Series.

When you look back after winning the World Championship in 2008, he went full steam all the way through the 2009 World Series.  He actually never really had a chance to grieve his mother’s death in October of 2008.

So, he went home to Florida after this year’s Series.  No winter meetings in December, no banquets, no award luncheons and a much reduced January schedule this year.  The energizer bunny he was not.

Charlie went on a diet, fished, golfed and oversaw the renovation of his home.  He’s now fully charged.

When he walked into the Media Room, he shook hands with some of the 30 media members (plus seven TV cameras). As he stepped on the stage and before he sat down behind the microphone, he paused to turn off his cell phone. “Hold on a minute, gonna put my phone off.  Doesn’t matter cause I’m not really answering it anyway,” he kidded.

His suit coat was a bit baggy.  “Nothing fits anymore, which is good. This was the only clean sports coat I had so you’re stuck with looking at it,” he laughed some more.

First media question was where Polanco and Victorino are going to bat in the batting order.  Second, Halladay and Lee.  Neither were surprise questions. Todd Zolecki will have all the details of the media session on this site.

As far as the diet, Charlie said, “Heck, I saw a picture of myself after the series. I had a pretty big gut. My stomach was hanging over my belt.  I went on a diet and exercised every day.  I was up to 286 pounds.  Two days ago, I weighed in at 228.  Yesterday, with my clothing on it was 230. It certainly wasn’t my wallet because it’s not that thick,” he laughed again.

He also said when his team lost to the Yankees, he told his players, “We owe the Yankees one.”  He again laughed but he was also serious. 


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