Solid Four

Joe Blanton is now under contract for the next three seasons.  That’s huge.

Know there are some Joe doubters out there.  But, the guy is 16-8 since coming here and goes to the post regularly.  His disabled list file is empty for his career.  He’s a very solid #3.

Just think, the four-man rotation is now in place for multiple years: Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Joe and J. A. Happ.  All can be penciled in for 200 innings.  Halladay is the Sr. Citizen of the group but right in the prime of an outstanding career.  It wasn’t too long ago, we were desperate for four quality starters. 

Who’s the fifth starter?  Well, that’s a story that will be decided in spring training next month and during the season. Perhaps the same scenario a year from now. 

Ratings Up
Thanks to you, Phillies Insider is climbing in the ranks of MLB Pro blogs.  Finished 29th a year ago and in first 2010 ranking, it is in 17th place.

Todd Zolecki’s Zo Zone blog remains in the number two position of beat writers blogs.  He really covers the team thoroughly. 

Congrats to Phillies Phollowers.  In the world of fan blogs, it has jumped from 16th to seventh.


I’m not really a Joe-doubter, I just thought $10.25 mill was out of line. He’s a good middle-of-the-rotation guy to have (though I still wish there had been a way to keep Cliff Lee, but oh well, I’ll have to get over it).
I also wanted to mention that in addition to the great Phillies Phollowers blog, four other Phillies fan blogs were in the top 100.
#43 – Phillies Red Pinstripes
#63 – Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts [OK, yeah, that’s mine 🙂 ]
#89 – Outside the Phillies Looking In
#99 – How ‘Bout Those Phils?
Hope you can squeeze in a plug for us too! In the meantime, I’m counting the days till ST starts.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Thanks, Baron! And congrats to Stanley, Sue, Peter and Carol for also making the top 100 :O)


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