Spring training ticket sales are brisk

Individual spring training tickets went on sale for the first time this morning in both Philadelphia and Clearwater…in person, by phone and online on this site.

Describing the sales as brisk is putting it mildly.  Lines formed outside the six Bright House Field ticket windows which were to open at 9.  Seeing the long lines, the windows opened 30 minutes early.  Citizens Bank Park’s two windows that also opened early. 

Online and by phone sales also began at 9.  Online is the easiest way to be a fan these days. 

The first game that sold out was March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, when the green-jersey, green-cap Phillies host the World Champion Yankees and their large green payroll.
A couple decades ago, tickets in spring training was an entirely different story.  We didn’t start to sell tickets until a few weeks prior to camp opening.  The ticket office consisted of one room and three windows at Jack Russell Stadium.  It was the only place tickets could be purchased.  Once in a while, there would be a line of fans purchasing tickets.  That was rare.   
Even longer ago, we used to carry tickets in our pockets and give them away to people.  “Would you like to go to a Phillies game?  Here are four tickets.” The Clearwater Bombers were a pro, fast-pitch softball team back in the 1960s that was better known in Clearwater than the big league Phillies.
Times have changed.  A Grapefruit League game at Bright House Field is some kind of fan experience, the best in Florida. 

I can’t wait and apparently neither can the fans. 



Got mine this morning for Phils/Yanks on 3/22. Watch out Florida!

You know me, I got my little porch seats for the Rays and the Phillies match-ups where I can chat with Danys Baez and JC Romero as they come out to the Phillies Bullpen.
Always look forward to a day in the sun in Clearwater.
Hope you get there again this year!

Rays Renegade


Brisk is an understatement! I was poised to purchase tickets to the 3/17 game the moment the clock hit 9, and there was already nothing left but berm tickets! Bought them anyway of course. Can’t wait to get back to the warm sunshine and palm trees!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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