New Official Phillies Book On Sale

Looking for another holiday present, Mother’s Day gift or something for dad for Father’s Day?

There’s a new official Phillies publication on the way: Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition, 256-page definitive history coffee table book.  Insight Editions is the publisher.

Come early May of next year, the book will be available.  But, fans can purchase the book in advance online now.  Billing won’t take effect until the book has been shipped.

There are seven chapters: The Early Years, The Whiz Kids, Heartbreak, Champions at Last, Return to the World Series, Hall of Fame and Back-to-Back.  It all starts with a distinctive look at the City of Philadelphia in 1883, the Phillies’ first year.

The publication’s primary focus is photography.  Over 400 images capture faces and places in Phillies history.  Many are rare photos.  My favorite is a lunch break scene during spring training 94 years ago.  It is among 10 images that are featured online.  

Rusty Kennedy, retired AP photographer, did most of the digging for photos.  Numerous sources were used.  Rusty scanned old photos and enhanced them, to look brand new.

The book has been a year in the making.  Final color proofs arrive the first week of January and then it’s off to the printer and binder.

Insight Editions, a division of the Palace Publishing Group, first ventured into sports a couple of years ago, producing Knockout, The Art of Boxing and San Francisco Giants, 50 Years.




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Anybody know when the Phillies Phan Phest is going to be in Clearwater this year???? Trying to make out travel plans!

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