Going to be on an extended holiday break.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Re: the twits going out under your name but aren’t from you

You probably already know this, but what happened to you is called “phishing” (ironic that it begins with the letters “ph”) and it happened to a friend of mine a month or so ago. As soon as I saw the first twit (a few weeks ago) which appeared to be from you, but advertised a free gift card, I suspected that was what had occurred. I don’t know much about this but the goal of phishing is for twits to go out from what someone thinks is a trusted source, so the follower of the twitterer clicks on the link. When that happens, I think the person who is phishing (and using your twitter name as a disguise) can then access the follower’s passwords, etc. This is as much as I know but if your IT staff looks into it I have little doubt they can see what happened and fix it.
Good luck, and please don’t let this dissuade you from continuing your excellent work of blogging and twittering!!
Go Phils!!!!!!!

Just checked with my friend. If you change your Twitter password, it should fix the problem. Also, any of your followers who may have clicked on any of the links in the twits you didn’t send should change their passwords immediately as well.

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