Quiet Day

Things are quiet around the office.  Folks who have been working extra hours are getting a break.  Plans for a parade went through the shredder. 

Fans continue visiting the Majestic Clubhouse Store at the park to buy their World Series memorabilia.  Did a little early Christmas shopping there this a.m.  But, compared to a week ago, the number of shoppers is down.  This is to be expected.

Clubhouse is also quiet.  Duffle bags and boxes, both empty and filled, dominate the floor area.  Uniforms are already hung in the storage area next to the weight room.  Players can come in on their own to pack.  Some will return for 2010, some won’t.  Todd Zolecki covered that in his blog.

Ruben has begun preparing for next season.  Monday, he’ll be in Chicago for the three-day GM meetings. Winter 40-man roster must be finalized by Nov. 20.  Zolecki will provide all the Phillies offseason news on this site.

To all of you who have visited Phillies Insider this year, thank you, thank you, thank you.  This blog ranked 19th among the MLB Pro blogs and that ranking was attained because of you.

Thanks, too, for those who have posted comments during the postseason.  Yesterday Tugger1 pointed out my error in the previous blog (Yankees are the first team to win two World Series this decade;  Red Sox also won two).  Richie Ashburn used to refer to me as the “Minister of misinformation.”

Always welcome feedback, especially corrections.

Congratulations to Zolecki.  He’s blog ranked second among the MLB.com beat writers.  Congrats too to Jenn and her Phillies Phollowers blog.  It ranked eighth among fan blogs.

Phillies Insider will continue during the offseason but at a reduced frequency.  My twitter will continue, too.

2009 National League Champions.  Still has a great ring!

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.


Your blog is great! Thank you! Enjoy some time off.

Love your blog. Hearing about when the bus leaves and stuff really makes me feel like an insider.

Thank you, Baron! Appreciate the shout out :O) And congrats to you too! LOVE the blog…hope you will continue next year as well. I wish you a safe and well rested off-season…take care,


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