C&C take it to CC

C&C took it to CC in the first World Series game last night

Chase gave the Phillies a lead in Game 1 for the second straight year with a home run.  Last year it was off Kazmir, a lefty, this time CC Sabathia, another lefty.  He followed with another solo blast in his next at bat. Oh, he also walked in the first inning.  Both the walk and two homers put Chase in the record book.

Cliff was brilliant in tossing the first WS complete game since 2003:  one unearned run, six hits, no walks, 10 strikeouts; 122 pitches, 80 strikes. He’s the third pitcher in WS history to have no walks and 10 punch outs.  Oh, he also excelled on defense, including a Web Gem, back-the-back snare of a ground ball.

Lee’s been brilliant the entire postseason: four starts, 3-0, 0.54 ERA. 

One more note: Lee won the last All-Star Game played in old Yankee Stadium, the first game in the new Yankee Stadium while pitching for Cleveland back in April, the first WS game in the new park where the Yankees were 5-0 this postseason. 

OK, one more note: Last night was the first postseason game the Phillies have ever started beyond October 27.  It ranks as one of the greatest games in their postseason history.

OK, OK, one more note: Highest TV ratings in Philly for a Phils game since Game 5 and 6 last year.

Postseason Memories

Dave Hollins was a third baseman with the Phillies, 1990-95 and again in 2002.  He also played with the Red Sox, Twins, Mariners, Angels, Blue Jays and Indians during his 12-year-career.  His postseason experience came with the Phillies in 1993, the NLCS and World Series.  The 42-year-old still resides in the Buffalo, NY, area. He returned to the Phillies as a special assignment scout earlier this month.

What is your favorite memory of October baseball as a child?
“Growing up in a hockey and football town, I wasn’t much of a baseball fan as a kid.  I do remember watching the Yankees on TV.”

As a player, what was the biggest change between the regular season and postseason?
“Obviously the intensity was turned up, the massive media coverage, fans being into every pitch of every game, families traveling with us, friends in the stands….it was a big event.”

What is your fondest personal postseason memory?
“Beating the Braves in the NLCS and the homer run I hit off Greg Maddux in the decisive game.  The fan reaction that night I something I will never forget.”

Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series last October?
“I just got home from scouting the instructional league for the Orioles and was able to watch the clinching game on TV with my 13-year-old son, David.”

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.


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