Going where?

Not a cloud in the sky as the Phillies worked out at Citizens Bank Park this afternoon.  They know where they’ve been, but don’t know exactly where they are going.

Oh, it is either one end the country or the other.  Angels and Yankees could decide that tonight.  If that series goes to Game 7, the answer won’t come until tomorrow night.

Charlie appeared in the interview room prior to the 1 o’clock workout.  Said Cliff Lee will start game 1 on Wednesday night.  He wouldn’t go beyond the Game 1 starter.  Chase and Raul were in the interview room after the workout.

Meanwhile, Frank Coppenbarger who handles all phases of the team’s travel, is ready.  An AMTRAK charter train is on hold for a NY departure on both Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Should the Angels win, a Delta charter flight is scheduled to leave for Anaheim on Tuesday.

Phillies are taking their full-time front office staff to Games 1 and 2.  Transportation-wise, another airplane for Anaheim and buses for NY.

All members of the player development staff–scouts, minor league managers, instructors, coaches, athletic trainers–will be brought to Philadelphia for Games 3, 4 and 5.

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.

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