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Players are back at the park and will work out in the afternoon.  Rest of weekend is uncertain as of the time of this posting.

Staff is busy prepping for the World Series.  New WS banners will soon be mounted on the light poles around Citizens Bank Park.  The players will wear new uniforms starting Wednesday, complete with a World Series logo. People seeking WS tickets are coming from every direction.

Keeping time
For those of you who like to keep track of time time, we won the World Championship in 1980 at Veterans Stadium at 11:29 p.m.  29 years later on the same date (Oct. 21), we won the NL Pennant at Citizens Bank Park at 11:47 p.m.

Repeat winners
Over the last 100 years, only three NL teams have won a World Series one year and made it back the following year, New York Giants (1921-22), Cincinnati Reds (1976-77) and the Phillies.

Since division play went into effect in 1969, the Reds, Atlanta Braves (1995-96) and Phillies are the only back-to-back pennant winners.

Get the facts straight
Media keeps writing we’ve only won two World Series in our 127 years of existence.  That is  somewhat inaccurate since the World Series didn’t start un1il 1903 and our first season was 1883.  So, for 20 years we couldn’t have won a World Series!

The 2009 World Series will be number 105 (WS was not played in 1904 and 1994).

Roberts in demand
Media inquiries have been coming in for Robin Roberts, one of six living Whiz Kids who played the Yankees in the 1950 World Series.  Robbie prefers to wait until the Yankees have clinched and I agree.

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.


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hopefully we’ll be able to add back to back world champions to the list of Phillies accomplishments…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

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