Great day for game 5

Game 5
Weather couldn’t be better for an October postseason game.  There’s excitement in the air and game time is a long way away.

Prior to the game, the interview room will be in session.  Charlie and Joe and one player from each team.  Sometimes MLB gets a little carried away.  Both Charlie and Joe were in the interview room yesterday afternoon.  Nothing has changed since then.  What can they say today that they didn’t say yesterday?

29 years ago tonight, the Phillies won their first World Championship.  It is only fitting that Dallas Green, who managed that club, throws out the ceremonial first ball tonight.  Charlie will be Dallas’ catcher.

Dallas’ Postseason Memories
What is your favorite memory of October baseball as a child?
“We didn’t have a TV so I listened to the games on the radio.  I remember keeping score while I listened.”

As a manager, what was the biggest change between the regular season and postseason?
“All the hullabaloo that comes with the postseason…, big wig requests, ticket requests.  It can be a distraction to the players.  It seems as if 50 different people all want a piece of the pie.”

What is your fondest personal postseason memory?
“Obviously, winning the World Series in 1980 and the mind-boggling parade that followed.  I remember standing in the corner of the dugout, arms folded and taking a deep breath before Tug threw the last pitch.  I was never worried that we were going to lose the Series, but I wasn’t so sure during the gut-wrenching playoffs against Houston.

Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series last October?
“I was in the GM Box with Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro.  We hugged each other and Pat was overcome with joy.  I was so happy for him, the organization and the fans.”

Postseason History
Phillies are 2-0 on this date.  They won the World Championship in 1980 when Tug McGraw fanned Willie Wilson for the final out.  In 1993, Curt Schilling threw a 5-hit shutout against the Blue Jays to keep the Phillies alive in the World Series. 

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.



Here’s what bugs me – in 1980 and 1993, the WS was already taking place on this date. Now, it doesn’t even start till next week, and won’t even end until early November (!), as Oct. 31 is only Game 3. Aaargh!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Oh yeah, and GO PHILLIES!! Let’s clinch it tonight!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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