Giddy City

J-Roll’s dramatic double turned Philly into giddy city last night. It has to be the biggest and most dramatic two-base hit in Phillies history.  Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script.

Broxton throws heat, plenty of it.  He came in the eight to face Werth and got a fly ball to end that threat.  Broxton’s last three pitches to Jayson: 100 mph fast ball, 93 mph slider and 99 mph fast ball.

Four Dodgers relievers had thrown 57 pitches and not allowed a hit until J-Roll doubled in the right-center field alley.  He couldn’t have hit it in a better location.  Ruiz, no speed merchant, scored easily from first base and the celebration was on.

Reality check: time to put the win on the back burner and focus on tomorrow night.  There’s more work to be done.

Day off….from playing a game, that is.
The Phillies will work out from 1 to 1:30 this afternoon and the Dodgers, 3-4:30. Interview room will feature: Charlie (12:45 p.m.), Cole (2 p.m.), LA Game 5 starter (2:30 p.m.) and Torre (2:45 p.m.).

Postseason Memories
Tom McCarthy has completed his second season in his second tour of duty as a Phillies broadcaster.  After being a member of the Phillies broadcasting crew from 2001-05, McCarthy joined the Mets crew for two seasons, before returning to Philadelphia.  The 41-year-old is a native of New Jersey.

What is your favorite memory of October baseball as a child?
“One of my first memories of the postseason was Bucky Dent’s home run vs. Boston’s Mike Torrez.  It made me realize than anything is possible.”

Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series last October?
“I was watching the last out from our radio booth, standing behind Harry and Wheels.  Seeing their reaction is a memory I’ll cherish forever.”

Postseason History
Phillies have played only once on this date and it was a painful one……leading 14-9 after
seven innings in the 1993 World Series, the Blue Jays rallied to win, 15-14, and take a commanding 3-1 lead.

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.



That win was unreal! Wow. And what a change in momentum too…I almost felt sorry for Dodgers fans…almost. ;O)


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