Postseason Memories
Jim Jackson’s just completed his third season of hosting the pre-game and post-game shows on the Phillies Radio Network.  He’s also the voice of the Flyers, having spent 16 seasons with the NHL Club.  The 46-year-old is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast journalism.

What is your favorite memory of October baseball as a child?
“I was 10 years old and got home from school just in time to see the famous brawl between the Reds and Mets in the 1973 NLCS sparked by Pete Rose and Bud Harrelson.  It caught my attention so that I followed playoff baseball from that point on.”

Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series last October?
“Sitting in the Phillies radio booth right next to Harry as he made the call of the final out, a call he wanted so long to make.  It was such as tremendous thrill to see the absolute joy in his eyes.  And, of course, one seat away, Wheels was showing us all how to do the ‘Wheeler.'”

Postseason History
Phillies are 2-3 on this date in postseason history, winning last two.  A year ago, Myers beat the Dodgers in NLCS game 2.

Rockies had the second-best home record in the NL (51-30) . . . Phillies, the best road record (48-33) . . . At Coors Field, Phillies are 27-28.

Parkas and gloves will be available to the Phillies . . . Dugout will also contain portable heaters and oxygen . . . Plus, Harry Kalas’ blue blazer and white shoes.  Last game Harry called was in Coors Field on April 12.


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