Climb the mountain

End of the month.  Could it be the end of the NL East race? 

Charlie doesn’t like to have many clubhouse speeches.  But, boy when he does, things happen. 
According to newspaper reports, Charlie’s pre-game message yesterday: “The mountain didn’t come to Muhammad, did it? What happened? He had to go to the mountain and take it.”

Riding the long ball again, the Phillies reduced the magic number to one last night after Charlie had talked to the team.  Feliz got his first ever curtain call after his grand slam homer put the Phillies on top for good.  It was his 150th hit, a career high.

Back in August, the Marlins swept the Phillies in a weekend set at Citizens Bank Park.  Charlie got hot and let the team have it post-game.  Result: 11 wins in next 13 games.

Now, the focus shifts to tonight and Pedro Martinez on the mound.  Who would have ever guessed in spring training that Pedro would be the starter in the clinching game?

**3,422,583 is the Phillies attendance record set last year.  That mark will be broken tomorrow night.
**848 wins so far this decade, best in club history.
**324,767 number of dollar dogs digested (or indigested) this season.
**68 multi-hit games for Feliz in 2008-09; Phillies record in those games: 76-12.

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.


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