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For the third straight year, the Phillies have a chance to clinch the NL East at home.  That’s never happened before in team history.

Sold out Citizens Bank Park will be jumping tonight as it turns into rally towel city.  Passionate Phillies fans certainly left their mark at this time last year and throughout the entire postseason.  While tonight is a sellout, there are tickets available for the next three nights.

Tough road trip (5-5) left the Phillies with baseball’s best road record (48-33) and the NL’s most home runs (116). The wins match the club record set in 1976.

While some of the players struggled on offense on the trip, the Big Piece didn’t.  Ryan had 16 hits (5 homers) and 19 RBI in 10 games.  He’s certainly become Mr. September (.313, 43 homers, 104 RBI…..all that BEFORE this year).

After a tough start at home, the Phillies have gone 29-10 since July 3.  They’ve won 7 of their last 8 at Citizens Bank Park, including the last 5.  Houston swept the Phils in four games earlier this month so it is time for revenge.

Before everyone gets too giddy, focus needs to be on tonight.  One game at a time.


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Are the Players aware how bad they look @ the plate when @ bat? They allowed a below average pitcher with an era of close to 11points beat them for Christ’s sake.I see them as having no plan, no focus when @ bat. How in God’s name anyone w/ self pride both as a man & as a professional allow that kind of pitcher to embarass them? This has been the Phillies M.O all season, they turned quite a few Single A pitchers into Cy Young contenders . It is embarassing to watch “My Beloved Team” play w/ absolutely NO HEART! There is No excuse, the Braves & all the other teams they have played have had the same schedule ,yet look @ the Braves & what they are doing. They are playing the game with deep pride and that is what a “real team” does. The Phillies seem to lack that kind of chemistry with each other. They look flatter than a pancake, & watching them has now become painful. These guys have the ability to be “great” players, yet they do not play the game with the kind of ardent focus that it deserves. They are either stupid OR arrogant in thinking that the Division is theirs all wrapped up & ready for them! That is under-estimating team like the Braves who are very prideful & professional players. The Astros have nothing to play for in the post season, but look how hard they still play. They come with the plan to embarass our team, & will succeed if these players do not get their act together NOW!! Once again I beg the Phillies management to do what MUST be done & that is to get rid of Milt & Dubee as soon as the post season is over . Spring training must begin with new knowledgeable coaches who can help these guys understand the importance of playing the game “the right way” @ all times. It begins @ spring training & must be demonstrated throughout the season. There is a deep flaw w/this team, because everyone goes bad @ the same time. There is no one to pick up the team, so that tells me the chemistry for being a “team” is missing. Now is the time to bear down & totally focus on what it is they want to achieve ( another run @ a world series championship) & to win it.
For goodness sake, stop hacking @ every ball that comes your way, it makes you look stupid & worse than a single A player!! “Do what you are capable of , & that is winning your Division, & not allow your team to be embarass by the Astros. Show some “pride & heart” .

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