Final Road Weekend

We’re down to the final road weekend of the regular season. 

Magic number is four.  Will it happen in Miller Park or Citizens Bank Park?

Team flies home Sunday night for the final homestand, four games with the Astros starting Monday night (sold out) and three with the Marlins next weekend.

Rookie Wins
Glover Cleveland Alexander won 28 games as a rookie in 1911.  That’s a Phillies record that may never be broken.  Heck, no one in Major League Baseball has matched it. 

Phillies rookies over the last 60 years:
19-8 Jack Sanford (1957)
14-13 Tommy Underwood (1975)
14-11 Ray Culp (1963)
13-11 Ray Semproch (1958)
11-7 Bob Walk (1980)
11-6 Bob Miller (1950)
11-4 J. A. Happ (2009)

Another History Lesson
Left-handed pitcher Cliff Lee is the second Cliff Lee to wear a Phillies uniform.

Clifford Walker Lee played four seasons for the Phillies starting in 1921: 1B, OF, C, 3B.  Pretty good hitter, .308, .322, .321, .250 with the Phils; .300 for eight big league seasons.

I’m sure you will sleep better tonight knowing this.

Answering e-mails:
What is Dave Huppert’s role and uniform number?

After managing Lehigh Valley, Dave was brought to the big leagues for the rest of the season, a pattern the Phillies have been following for years.  His number: 58.

What is the deadline for the Division Series roster?

10 a.m. the day of Game 1, which is October 7.

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.







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Looks like 1964 all over again.

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