Focus on tonight

Keeping with Charlie’s sermons: play one game at a time and focus on today.  That means last night is history, gone, painfully gone.  Time to look toward tonight’s game in Milwaukee.

Brad threw some nasty pitches and some “cookies”, a term pitchers use for hit-able pitches.  “It’s incredibly frustrating,” he was quoted after the game.  Hitters and pitchers have slumps.  Brad’s is lasting a long time.  He’s had these in past years and came back. 

Inquirer baseball writer Andrew Martino wrote the other day, to win again you need talent, health and luck.  There’s no doubt there is talent on this club and that includes Lidge.  Health, well, that’s an issue right now with multiple guys hurting. Luck, could use some.

Minor League Club Leaders
Want to know who led Lakewood in hits, average, homers, RBI?

Phillies Minor League affiliate news has that information and a busload of other notes from the just-completed 2009 season. 

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.



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I see Lehigh Valley manager Dave Huppert on the bench. What’s his role and what’s his uniform number?

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