Defense, Speed Overlooked?

Everybody knows the Phillies have power.  Heck they lead the NL in homers, runs, RBI, extra-base hits, total bases and slugging percentage.

Everybody knows their starting pitching is strong and the bullpen is thin right now because of injuries.

There are two other phases of the game that get little attention, defense and speed.

Phillies fielding percentage is .988, second best in the NL.  68 errors are third fewest in the majors.  They’ve allowed 31 unearned runs, the stingiest in the majors. 

Their speed translates to some awesome base-stealing numbers: successful 82.7 percent of the time, best in the majors. Of their last 43 attempts, they have been successful 40 times. 105 total steals, 4th in the NL, topping 100 three straight seasons.   

Team SB Leaders
Rollins (29, caught 8)
Victorino (23-8)
Utley (22-0)
Werth (14-3)
Howard (7-1).

Yep, Howard has seven steals in 147 games. Before this season, 2 in 572 games. 

A Reminder
ESPN will carry Wednesday night’s game, subject to blackout rules in the Philly area.

Lee Feature
Todd Zolecki has a feature on Cliff Lee today.  He’s never pitched in the postseason.  “I’m anxious to see how loud they (Philly fans) get in October,” Lee said.   They are loud, trust me.

Florida Instructional League is underway at Bright House Field in Clearwater, FL.  Games end October 10.


Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.

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on lidge-somethings got to change and its got to be his goatee.brad- lose one for the team-that goatee i mean- its got to go.can’t change the past but he can change his look plus he goes to his goatee between pitches and maybe thats tipping his pitches-how many times he strokes the goatee???its a stretch but it can’t where is his anger going-someones got to be hit-not killed-they’re grown men they’re tough they can take it or at the least knock em always comes down to who wants it more.i’ve loved watching this group of phillies play the last 4 years-keep it going, not for seasons coming.its all about the players now as it should be.this is their legacy.i’m glad i got to watch them do it.

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