Final Road Trip

Team left after Thursday night’s win for Atlanta and the start of the final regular season road trip, a 10-game toughie against the Braves (three), Marlins (three, including a doubleheader) and Brewers (four).

Hamels was sharp again.  He’s on a September roll after an empty August.  When he allowed a run in the seventh inning, it broke a streak of 29 scoreless innings by the starters.  Previous run was allowed by Kyle in the eighth inning of Sunday’s afternoon game.  The 29 innings was the longest since a 37-inning streak in 1969.

Double-Digit List
Phillies pitchers who have struck out 10 or more in a game since 1900:
Steve Carlton (70)
Curt Schilling (48)
Jim Bunning (25)
Chris Short (17)
Cole Hamels (12)

Overall record
Phillies continue to have the best road record in the majors, 43-28, even losing 6 of their last 8. Earlier in the season, they won on the road and lost a home.  That’s turned around.  Since July 1, Phillies are 28-10 at Citizens Bank Park which puts them at 42-32 with 7 more home gmes.

Road Wins
Most wins for Phillies, dating back to 1900:
1976 (48-33)
1964 (46-35)
1913 (45-30)
1993 (45-36)
1905 (44-31)
1950 (43-34)
2009 (43-28)

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i can not believe brad lidge is as bad as he is we are not going to win the east because of him we should have clinched along time ago we do not deserve to be in the playoffs the way we look now we won’t make it past the 1st round, but i wanted to win the east and i’ll tell you what i don’t think we can go .500 against houston, milwaukee, and then end with the marlins. i’ll bet anyone thats listening we dont even make the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway last night put a dagger in my heart as all of brad lidges attempts at closing attempts, but last night we needed like blood. i got news for you fellow phillies phans were D O N E !!!!!!!!!! thank brad lidge for that…

I agree. Watch those Braves. Reminds me of 1964.

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