Beyond the Season Race Continues

Three weeks from today four NL teams will be left standing, ready for baseball beyond the season.  Somewhere, someplace, the teams will work out prior to the start of the National League Division Series on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

When the sun rose this morning the NL leaders: the Phillies (82-60), East by 7 games, Cardinals (85-60), central by 9.5 and Dodgers (86-59), west by 4.  The Rockies had a 3.5 game lead on the Giants for the wildcard race. None of the teams can look ahead any farther than today.  Charlie preaches one game at a time.  Too much can happen between now the season’s Oct. 4 finish.

Division winner with the best winning percentage will face the wildcard team, unless the wildcard  is from the same division. 

NLDS is best-of-5, NLCS, best-of-7.  Home field advantage goes to the team with the highest winning percentage during the season.  In addition to trying to get there, the Phillies (20 games left), Cardinals (17) and Dodgers (17) are trying to win as many games as possible to get that home field advantage.

Once again the American League will have the home field advantage in the World Series (Games 1-2; 6-7, if necessary).

All postseason games will be televised nationally.  TBS will have the NLDS and ALDS and NLCS.  FOX will carry the ALCS and the WS.

Lakewood Takes Lead
The BlueClaws took a 1-0 lead over Greenville with a win last night at home.  Jesus Sanchez will start in game 2 of the best-of-f5 championship series tonight at FirstEnergy Field.

Greg Dobbs will begin a rehab assignment tonight, playing third base for Lakewood.  Goal is 5 innings at third base and 3 at-bats.

Clay Condrey pitched 1 rehab inning last night: 1 run, 2 hits (infield hit, walk, RBI double, two ground balls and a strikeout).  19 pitches, 12 for strikes.

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.

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