Twitter Correction

“Memo to Phillies fans just in case: Wednesday (Aug. 19) will mark the 100th anniversary of Phillies being rained out a record 10th straight times,” was posted by “phanatical” on MLB twitter yesterday.

Best information in the Phillies files is that in 1903, the Phillies lost nine straight games to rain, not 10 in 1909.  This information is in “This Date in Philadelphia Phillies History” published in 1979. The late HOF baseball writer, Allen Lewis, was the main author.  I was a minor contributor, not in age but in supplying Phillies history.

A friendly call to the Elias Sports Bureau drew, “Sorry, we don’t keep records of rainouts.”

Next, a friendly call to Dave Smith, a U. of Delaware professor whose hobby/side business is Through his coaching this morning, I maneuvered through that website and learned the nine postponements in 1903 are accurate.  10 consecutive postponements in 1909 are inaccurate.

Digging through, the Phillies were scheduled August 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 and none of the games were played.

Smith pointed out, “We don’t know why the games weren’t played. That’s still a work in progress.  But, we do know they were scheduled for certain dates and games were not played. Rain is the most logical reason. “

In the world of important issues, 9 or 10 consecutive rainouts aren’t very important.  But, an interesting, but puzzling, twitter post deserved some attention. Thought I’d look into it.  And, if anyone has other information, post it.

Of equally unimportance, this is the 700th Phillies Insider blog.  If you fell asleep 700 times, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  Who coined that phrase?  The President of Keebler? 

Phillies Insider also appears on twitter as barons63.

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