Milestone Victory

Unnoticed in yesterday’s come-from-behind FOX TV win is the fact it was the 9,000th victory in the history of the Phillies.  We’re the ninth club to reach that number, joining the Braves, Cubs, Reds, Dodgers, Yankees, Pirates, Giants and Cardinals. 

For franchises that have remained in the same city since birth, we’re the sixth team to do so.  Braves (Boston), Dodgers (Brooklyn) and Giants (New York) began in other cities.

Media didn’t write anything or air anything about the milestone win.  They sure didn’t miss our 10,000th loss a couple of years ago.  They were all over that story. 

For more history on this topic, check out

Offense Explodes
For a while there, yesterday looked like a second straight St. Louis victory.  Three great catches in the outfield kept the Phillies from getting five early-game runs.  The Cardinals came from behind to take a lead but our offense exploded.

J-Roll’s grand slam was our eighth, tying the club’s single-season record (1993 and 2005).

Shane had his fifth four-hit game of the season, tops in the majors.

Heading West
Team leaves on a Delta charter flight after today’s game for a seven-game trip: three in Phoenix and four in San Francisco.

With the trading deadline coming up at 4 p.m. (EDT) on Friday, GM Ruben Amaro Jr. is on the trip. He’s joined by assistants Scott Proefrock, Benny Looper, Chuck LaMar and Mike Ondo.

Don’t know what will happen but I have a gut feeling we will make a move or two.

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Hey Larry, stop by my blog of you get a chance…got photos of a bunch of Phillies players with my stuffed Smurf doll (J-Roll Smurf) on Photo Day….I think you will get a laugh out of it :O) I know I did! And Ryan Howard was especially happy…LOL


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