Broken Streaks

Streaks that ended last night:

**Phillies 10-game win streak, including last seven at Citizens Bank Park.

**12 scoreless innings by the bullpen.

**Jamie’s five-game winning streak.

Scott Franzke had a note on the broadcast that was interesting, last night was the first time the Phillies trailed in a game since July 11.  They were behind in Florida on Saturday but the game was rained out.

One thing about this team, yesterday is yesterday.  Today’s another game.  They play the season game-by-game which is an old cliché.

Padres in town
Because of April 20’s rain out, the Padres returned to Citizens Bank Park for tonight’s game.  Originally, they had a night game at home last night.  They moved it to an afternoon game and then flew to Washington, where they open a weekend series tomorrow.

They bused to Philly this afternoon and will bus back to DC after the game.

New pinch runner
Lunch is served in the Press Dining Room during the week for fellow employees.  At 12:30 this afternoon, Mike Boeckholder, head groundskeeper, sat down with a sandwich platter.  “Oh, no” he said with panic in his voice. 

A sudden shower was deposting on the ballpark.  Boeckholder bolted for the press elevator and a trip to field level.  His crew was already in action by the time he got there.  He returned 28 minutes later for the second bite of his sandwich.

John Brazer, he of the fun and games department, quipped when he saw Mike bolt: “Geez, Charlie has a new pinch runner.  Did you see him run?”

TV Note
Saturday’s 4:05 p.m. game against the Cardinals is a FOX telecast.


Phillies Insider is also on twitter.



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