Walk-off Thriller

When I arrived at the park at 8:50 this morning, fans were lined up at the First Base Gate ticket windows to buy standing room tickets.  Channel 29 had a reporter here.  Town is certainly buzzing about the red-hot Phillies.

WOW! (Win on Werth)

That’s the best way to describe last night’s dramatic, extra-inning win.  Jayson certainly picked a perfect time for his first walk-off home run.  When you are going good, good things happen.  That’s baseball.

Shane, Chase, Utley, Ryan, Raul were a combined 1-20 last night and we won, thanks to the long balls from J-Roll and Jayson. 

That’s the best way to describe last night’s pitching.  1 run in 7 innings off Joe and then six hitless, walkless, scoreless innings from the bullpen.

During the struggling days of June, twice our batters hit balls that ricocheted off the pitcher to an infielder for an out.  Twice, the opposing batters did the same and the balls found a hole in the infield for hits.  When you are going bad, bad things happen.  That’s baseball.

Last night, a batted ball hit off Lidge and went right to J-Roll who stepped on second base and threw to first for a double play in the top of the 9th. 

Weekly Conference Call
Every Wednesday morning Ruben Amaro Jr. conducts a conference call with his staff and pro scouts.  Ruben’s in Clearwater observing Pedro Martinez so he anchored the call from Bright House Field.

Today’s call was not about scheduling vacations.  Trust me.


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