Hot Teams Meet

Getting swept in Atlanta apparently was a wake-up call for Charlie’s troops.  Since then, they are 12-1, including 3-game series sweeps of the Mets, Pirates and Marlins.

Eight-game winning streak is on the line tonight against the Cubs at home.  Cubs are second hottest NL team, winning their last four. 

Remember, Thursday’s day off on the original schedule has been filled with a 7:05 game against the Padres, the result of a rain out in April.   Medford Franks dollar dog night promotion in July!

Seven-game homestand looks like seven more sellouts.  But, 500 standing room only tickets will go on sale prior to each game.

Unique Doubleheader
Maje McDonnell, who has been a batting practice pitcher, coach, scout, ticket seller, tour guide, Phantasy Camp instructor and goodwill ambassador in his 56 years with the Phillies, is doing a double-header, so to speak tonight.

He’s retiring by throwing out the first ball, a day in which he is also celebrating his 89th birthday. Joining Maje, his family and friends at the game are Phillies Alumni Robin Roberts, Curt Simmons, Bobby Shantz and Bobby Wine.

Maje first wore # 40 in 1947 as a batting practice pitcher for the Phillies. 

He fell in love with the Phillies as a 7-year-old kid when he saw them play at Baker Bowl as part of a knot-hole program.  Even though he’s on the door step of being 90 years old, he’s always been a kid at heart.  That’s what makes him so special. 

Unsung Hero
There are plenty of others with the Phillies who are unsung heroes such as Maje.  Another one is Hank King, our long-time advance scout who’s now a pro scout.  He’s in his 33rd year with the Phillies, a “baby” compared to Maje.

Phillies Insider is also on twitter as barons63.

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Maje is awesome…my husband talks about him all the time; Maje was there when he tried out for the club (like a million years ago…LOL) and I have heard all about what a nice man he is and how much he loves the game. Happy Birthday Maje!


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