VP sees gigantic win

Five runs in the bottom of the ninth for a come-from-behind win isn’t a club record.  But, it sure had to be the most runs the Phillies ever scored in the last of the ninth for a Vice President of the United States.  If anyone knows better, fire away.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill stayed through the entire game, even though it looked bleak as the Phillies trailed 7-3 for their last at-bat.  The VP headed for the Phillies clubhouse after the gigantic win and had a picture taken with Ryan Howard.

Matt Stairs, the modern day John Kruk, hit his 4th pinch homer of the season.  Only Gene Freese hit more (five) in one Phillies season and that was 50 years ago.

After today’s games, some players are leaving down for a three-day All-Star Game break, others will remain in the Philly area and a bunch of others will be heading for St. Louis.

There’s plenty for Phillies fans to watch on TV.  Kyle Drabek and Yohan Flande in the Future’s Game this afternoon, Ryan Howard in the home run derby tomorrow night and then the 8 o’clock All-Star Game on Tuesday night on FOX.  Charlie Manuel’s bidding to extend the Phillies unbeaten streak as All-Star managers to 6-0.  Five of his players will be there.

Charlie’s also taking his coaching staff.  Phillies have chartered a Delta airplane for the All-Star trip.  In addition to those in uniforms, front office executives, media relations department personnel, some sponsors and suite holders will be on the flight after today’s game.  Frank Coppenbarger, who handles all the travel arrangements, won’t be having a break but he’s fine with that.

Everyone will return on the same plan after Tuesday’s game.  Then, Wednesday afternoon, the team heads for Miami to start the second half.  The original four-day break was narrowed to three days because the Marlins moved a September game to Thursday night.

So, the second-half of the season will begin with a four-game series against the second-half Marlins. 

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Almost everytime they showed Biden on TV, he was eating something…LOL Poor guy. Even the VP can’t eat in peace :O)


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