Present, Past and Future


Charlie Manuel picked Jayson Werth to replace Carlos Beltran on the All-Star team.  First time in Phillies history that we have 3 All-Star outfielders.  In 1951, Del Ennis and Richie Ashburn started for the NL.

Impressive Company

Jamie (254) moved into 10th place on the all-time list for wins by a LHP: Warren Spahn (363), Steve Carlton (329), Eddie Plank (326), Randy Johnson (307), Tom Glavine (305), Lefty Grove (300), Tommy John (288), Jim Kaat (283) and Eppa Rixey (266).

Carlton, Kaat and Rixey wore Phillies uniforms during their careers; Plank and Grove, the Philadelphia A’s.  Pretty neat that six of the ten pitched in Philadelphia.

NL First

Phillies are the first NL team to have four players with 20 or more home runs by the All-Star Game break.  Jayson Werth joined the group last night.

Another dinger for Jayson tonight would make it 5 straight games, which tie a club record shared by Dick Allen, Mike Schmidt, Bobby Abreu and Chase.

Futures Game

RHP Kyle Drabek and LHP Yohan Flande will represent the Phillies in the XM Futures Game (ESPN 2, MLB.TV, XM 175) on Sunday in St. Louis (2 p.m. EDT).

Phillies prospects ho’ve been in this game: Pat Burrell (1999), Carlos Silva (2000), Marlon Byrd (2002),  Gavin Floyd (2003-2004), Ryan Howard (2003), Brett Myers (2001-2002) and Chase Utley (2001).

Eight years ago, Utley was in this game.  Tuesday he starts at second base for the NL for the fourth straight season.  Pretty impressive.

Representing baseball administration will be Pat Gillick, Chuck LaMar and Charley Kerfeld.

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hey dont you mean Kyle Drabek in the futures game lol not Doug

Yep, I did type Doug instead of Kyle. The other night Larry Andersen called Kyle Doug and I laughed. Now, the laugh is on me.

Thanks for letting me know.

no problem you are awesome!

long live chris coste / bako sucks/ dump manuel / get ed wade back /he knows what coste is worth / coste should have started every game

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