Vote for Shane

History was made last night at Citizens Bank Park, the largest margin of victory in Phillies history. As reported, the previous margin was 19 runs, 26-7, against the Mets at the Vet in 1985, the night Von Hayes hit two home runs in the first inning.

Word of caution, Mets won the next night, 7-3.  Last year, the Phillies pounded the Cardinals, 20-2, in St. Louis on June 13 and lost the next game, 3-2.  Following a 23-22 win against the Cubs at Wrigley Field in 1979, we lost the next game, 5-3.

So, we’ll see what happens tonight.

Perfect Mark
All-Star Game is a week from tonight.  Phillies mangers are a perfect 5-0 when direction the NL squad: Eddie Sawyer (1951), Gene Mauch (1965), Dallas Green (1981), Paul Owens (1984) and Jim Fregosi (1994).

Campaign Continues
Yep, electing Shane to the All-Star team as part of the NL Final Vote continues today. 

Shane certainly made a loud statement last night, single, 2 doubles, home run, 5 runs scored, 4 RBI. 

Philly Mayor Nutter campaigned door-to-door with Shane yesterday.  Great coverage by Channel 10’s John Clark.

Saw a note in the one of the papers that fans are limited to voting 25 times online.  That’s not the case during the Final Vote.  Vote as often as your fingers allow.

Community Work
J. C. Romero hosted at-risk minority children (St. Joe’s Pro Cathedral) last night . . . Tonight, J-Roll, kids from Philadelphia Reads and Ibanez Team Resurgence, a program involving homeless children from The Covenant House . . . Tomorrow night, Lidge’s Legion, children from C.H.O.P. Oncology department.

In each case, the players purchase tickets and food for the kids and meet them after batting practice, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.


OMG, the ultimate Shane moment came last season when he led his team to help the grounds crew of the Colorado Rockies during a sudden storm. His infectious sense of fun and his great-guy attitude brought out the best in the team as they literally weathered the storm to hold down the tarp. (I might add that all this occurred while the home team stayed dry below.)

My second favorite moment also came last year when Shane ran into the stands past first base to catch a fly ball. So focused on the ball, he did a header and landed in the stands. What a great attitude. That’s when I knew he would be my favorite!

One of my favorite Shane Victorino moments came in 2005, when I went to Moosic to see the Red Barons play. Victorino hit a home run in both games I saw and made a leaping catch at the centerfield wall. He also was ejected for arguing balls and strikes. When I got home, my dad asked me if I saw any prospective Phillies. I told him Victorino would be up in September and would be a factor down the stretch. He did a great job that season, mostly pinch-hitting, including a key extra inning home run in Atlanta. He’s been one of my favorite Phils ever since.

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