Anyone for Hawaii?

Wheels are in motion for drumming up votes for Shane Victorino on the NL Final Vote.  Sure the other clubs involved are doing the same.

Seems to me Hawaii can be a big player in the voting.  We need a volunteer to fly to Honolulu right away and parade around the islands campaigning for Shane.  Anyone interested?  (Just kidding).

Have you favorite Shane Victorino moment?  Post it in the comments.

Hello NL Central
Seven games this week are against two NL Central teams, Reds (four starting tonight) and Pirates (weekend). 

That division is baseball’s tightest.  The last-place Pirates are just 7 games behind the leading Cardinals. 

The Reds at 40-40 are only 3 out.  Home or road, it doesn’t matter as Cincinnati is 20-20 for both.

Sergio Escalona is seeing the country.  The 24-year-old lefty reliever’s best friend is a suite case.

He began the season with the Reading Phillies and was promoted to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs after 14 games.  He relieved twice in AAA and then began a yo-yo to the major leagues.  Five times he’s been up with the Phillies and five times, back to LV, all between May 17 and July 5.

Phillies radio voice Scott Franzke had a great line, “Sergio’s spent more times in an airplane than on the mound in his big league career.”


Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.



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don’t have to send anyone to HI. we all saw the story ’bout shane and mayor nutter going thru philly asking for votes.
we always support our local bruddahs! shane and the phillies, no ka ‘oi. (da best) aloha keoks

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