Send Shane to StL

We wept when we were swept in Atlanta.  Now, we can sleep because of the weekend  sweep.

Lots of good signs this weekend, great starting pitching from Lopez, Moyer and Blanton . . . return to Lights out Lidge and J-Roll on a roll. 

Joining the good news is the All-Star news, Chase starting at second base for the fourth straight year, Rauuuuul making the mid-season game for the first time and Ryan Howard returning to his hometown for his second All-Star game.

Michael Jack Schmidt holds the Phillies record for All-Star consecutive starts, six, starting in 1979.  Ibanez last was an All-Star in 1995 when he played at Riverside in the Class A California League.

Thanks to the fans who voted.

But, NOW, the challenge is on.  Shane is one of the five players in the NL
Final VoteVoting is underway and ends at 4 pm. on Thursday.  Five years ago, Phillies fans voted Bobby Abreu onto the team in a similar situation.




My hands hurt…but I am still voting!! :O) Hey, are we going to have a vote-off like last year for Burrell? I volunteer if you do! Remember, I have no life… ;o)


I’m voting, I’m voting. Got to stop reading your blog and go back to voting!!!!

– barb

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