A valley


This game can be just that.  Marathon seasons are filled with peaks and valleys, ups and downs.  That applies to teams and individual hitters or pitchers

Right now, we’re in a pothole in a valley. Charlie Manuel put it best:  “We’re playing bad baseball.”

**Ryan Madson is going through a valley right now.  He ended last season on a brilliant roll, 0.63 ERA, for final 14 appearances.  Season-best 14.2 scoreless inning streak ended in Toronto on June 16.   Since then nine runs in 6.2 innings in seven outings.

**J-Roll broke an 0-28 spin with two singles last night.  He’s been in an offensive funk most of the season.  Yet, in his career, he’s been a model of consistency.  Going into this year, his monthly averages: April (.271), May (.270), June (.274), July (.276), August (.277), Sept. (.293).  Hey Jimmy, you should know Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt went 0-30 in 1988 over nine games.

**Phils just finished their third straight, three-city road trip at 3-6.  Previous two, 15-5.  Looking at the schedule before the season started, an 18-11 record for these three trips would have been a welcomed thought.  One more three-city journey remains, the last trip of the season: Atlanta, Florida, Milwaukee. 

**Even with a losing trip, the Phillies continue to have the best road record (26-15) in the NL. 

**They enter the Mets series having lost their last six home games, one shy of the longest Citizens Bank Park funk (August 12-19, 2004).  13-22 home record is matched only in the NL by the Nationals (13-25).

Enjoy the holiday weekend.  Hard to believe July is here already.





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Happy 4th! And congrat on being #21 on the leaders pro blog list! (Don’t you wish you were really 21 again…I know I do…LOL) I am still the #1 Phillies fan blog; #8 overall :O) That made this awful road trip a bit easier to take. Hoping home field will turn it around!!


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