Gloomy June

Meteorologist Cecily Tynan mentioned on Channel 6 last night that June had only one day of total sunshine.  The rest of the days were cloudy, rainy and gloomy.

Cloudy, rainy and gloomy seems to mirror the month that ended for the Phillies last night, 11 wins, 15 losses.  It nearly matches June of a year ago, 12-14, our last losing month.  July 2008 turned around at 15-10.  We need a similar path.

Three homers but no win.  We lead the NL in home runs hit and the Braves are the stingiest.  Figure.

Also figure that we had to get to June 30 to play our first game in Atlanta.  We’re in the same division but a schedule quirk kept us out of Georgia until last night.  The loss was our first in Atlanta since September 5, 2007, after nine straight wins. 

Two more in Braves country and then the start of a 10-game homestand leading up to the All-Star Game break. 

Sounds as if Raooool will not be ready to come off the DL on Friday, the date he is eligible.  We do miss his offense but patience is needed right now.  Need to get him totally healthy.

Tickets are available for 4-game series with the Reds that starts on Monday night.

Sign of the Week
I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing. If I HAD loose-fitting clothing I wouldn’t have signed up in the first place.


Poor Raul…we miss him :O( But he does need to get better before he returns. So does the team…an ugly month for sure. Glad July is here…now, where is the sunshine?


This is old news, but I was wondering why the Phillies waived Chris Coste? He seemed like a good fit as a back up catcher and his batting average is higher than Bakko’s

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