Twitter Time

Twitter.  Being technologically limited, first time I heard that word I assumed it was a deranged, distant relative of Tweetie Bird.


It is a network in which people can let you know what they are doing so you can let them know what you are doing.  Why wasn’t I the first to think of that?

Anyway, I’ve entered the twitter universe (barons63), thanks to free lessons from Mary Ann Gettis, our Coordinator of Marketing Initiatives.  Her initiative was to teach an old dog a new technological trick.

So, now I can bore you in two places, here and there.  There are challenges.  Here can be a longer bore, there a limited bore. 

Barons63 joins the Phillies twitter (philaphillies), which has a huge following, including Joe Bonsall, lead singer of the Oak Ridge Boys; Senator Arlen Specter, actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy and Chad Durbin.

Todd Zolecki, Phillies beat writer on, has been on twitter for some time. 

Hopefully, between the three twitters, Phillies fans will be well informed. 

Injuries are piling up for us and the Mets. 

A year ago, we had nine on the DL throughout the season: Lidge, Victorino, Rollins, Snelling, Werth, Gordon, Feliz, Seanez and Jenkins.  None, however, were on the list at this time of the season.  Now, we have Brad, Eyre, Myers, Raul and possibly Condrey.

There are 135 players on the disabled list in the majors as of yesterday.  Of that total, 74 are pitchers. 

Members of the Clearwater Threshers front office staff and the player development staffs of the Threshers and Gulf Coast League Phillies are receiving their World Series rings today. 

David Montgomery and Richard Deats made the trip to Florida with the team last night for the ring presentations in Clearwater and the three-game series against the Rays.  Trip also includes checking out the construction progress of Carpenter Field.  Old clubhouse was demolished and a new one is underway.  More on that later.


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Welcome to Twitter, Larry! I am at

Going to add you to my list :O)

Hey, the Phestival was great yesterday! They really need to limit the # of autograph tickets sold to 1 person though. Saw many people with HUGE stacks so they could just sell stuff on ebay…you’ll get more people if they can actually buy a ticket. Heard a lot of complaints about that…just an FYI. But aside from that, it went VERY well! I had fun and got lots of neat stuff in my grab bags :O)


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