Any ideas?

Perhaps the big man is warming up to carry us for a week or two.  He certainly put on an orbit show last night.

In case you are drawing a blank, we’re talking about Ryan Howard. 

Ryan sent a pitch into the second deck in right field (estimated 426 feet) in his first at-bat and then set a new club record with his 8th career grand slam homer in his next at-bat.  This moon shot landed in Section 304, Row 1, Seat 15, an estimated 475 feet.  Yep, section 304 means the third deck in right. 

He did that once before, June 20, 2006, off the Yankees’ Mike Mussina.  It was bobbled by a fan in the same section, same row but seat 8.

Last night’s third-level blast landed just above one of the park’s advertising signs, POWERADE.  How appropriate.

At the Vet, we painted an “S” for Mike Schmidt’s upper deck home runs and a “bull ring” for Greg (The Bull) Luzinski’s titanic homers.

For Ryan’s first 300 level homer, a large white “H” was painted on the seat.  We’re mulling over another “H” or a bronze plaque or both or something else.  We need to do something to permanently mark his orbit shots.  Any ideas?

A week ago today in Yankee Stadium, Ryan had a pair of infield singles and a stolen base.  Scott Lauber, in his Wilmington News-Journal baseball column today, published a quote from Ryan after that game:

“I don’t know of anyone in baseball who maximizes their speed any better than that.”

Going West
Team leaves on a Delta charter after today’s game.  Seven games in seven days in Southern California starting tomorrow night in San Diego.  Journey ends with an ESPN Sunday Night national telecast a week from today in Los Angeles.

LHP Antonio Bastardo will join the team today from the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in order to be on the flight.  He’ll start Tuesday night in San Diego.  Will post Bastardo stuff that day. 

J. C. Romero is eligible to return to the active roster on Wednesday.  So, the Phillies face back-to-back days of roster moves. 




I don’t think anything should be done to mark Ryan’s orbit shots until he retires. You don’t want the big guy to be swinging for the upper deck; you want him to hit the ball. It’s a home run and an rbi whether it goes 330 feet or 480 feet. Hype won’t get us another parade.

I would paint the seat as if the ball were lodged in the seat back with crack marks around it.

I would recommend painting the seat backs similar to the back of the players uniform (in this case, Howard). I’d go with the uniform colors, pinstripes, Howard’s name and his # 6. Below the #6, I’d recommend indicating the stats (date, opponent, pitcher, estim. distance).

I believe Ryan also hit one out into Ashburn Alley. Should do the same for that spot as well. If it conflicts with something else already in that location (i.e., All-Star selection marker), place it off to the side and have a tasteful arrow starting from the “uniform” and extenting to the exact spot where it hit. My two cents….


red 6;date;footage

So you flew a Delta Charter our West. I sure hope their charters have more leg room than their commercial flights.

Hello my fellow Phils fans. It’s the bottom of the 11th, Friday nite Red Sox game. Greg Dobbs just hit a ball over the foul pole in right field. The call of “foul ball” was questionable. The umpire said, “no review.”
If we assume that when contact is made, the ball is over the plate. Why can’t they look at the replay, find where the ball landed and draw a straight line from the plate to the seat where the ball landed, using a floor plan of Citizens Bank Park?
I know that a ball curves while in flight, which flaws this theory, but if it lands on the fair side of the pole, can’t we assume that it was a home run?

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