New "hip" injury

It wasn’t too long ago that Tommy John surgeries came on the baseball scene.  It seems as if a new “hip” surgery has now emerged….hip surgery.

Since last season ended, Mike Lowell, Chase Utley, Alex Gordon, Alex Rodriquez and Carlos Delgado have had hip surgery.  Now, the first pitcher is headed that way, Brett Myers.  He’s seeking a second opinion but all indications are that surgery is needed, either now or later. 

Todd Zolecki will keep abreast of all this news on

Ruben Amaro Jr. will be conferring with his staff and Charlie and his staff to determine the direction the team will go if Myers has surgery sooner than later. 

Pitching is a premium commodity.  The price to obtain quality pitching has always been high.  Should the Phillies go the trade route, other clubs know the situation and the price will be even higher.  What you will need to give up will be weighed against what you are getting as far as length of contract and salary. 

Rest assured the rumor mill will begin churning faster.

Trophy Tally
31,000 miles and 183,000 fans.

That’s the up-to-date tally on the World Series Trophy Tour.  It is still going on.

Later next month, the trophy will make a two-day appearance in Cooperstown during a Phillies Weekend at baseball’s Hall of Fame.  Looking forward to being there for a fun weekend.

Comment Corner
Jenn wanted to know why a September 21 game in Miami was moved to July 16, taking away one day of a four-game All-Star break.

The Dolphins were assigned a Monday Night NFL Game on September 21.



Ok so hip surgery is the new thing but what are we going to do about loosing Myers? I mean he was a number 2 guy? Now what? We really need to start thinking about new blood soon. Epically with, and i hate to say this, Moyer not pitching so well. I know the we have always have a great farm system and were bringing Sergio Escalona but our number 2 guy hurts. Is there any way we have a shot a Peavy?

Thanks Larry! I thought that may be why, but you’d think the NFL would schedule around the already in place MLB schedule. Ya know?
As for the hip stuff, why has this become such a common injury all of a sudden? I don’t remember this ever being an issue before. I spoke to a surgeon last year about my hip, which has the same issue, and he said these types of injuries seem to be on the rise, but no one seems to know why. Mine is likely more genetics than from playing ball, which I have not done in years, but it still makes you wonder what they are putting in the water these days.


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