Need a Series Win

Rubber game of series tonight against the Marlins.  Hard to believe we’ve won only one series at home this year: Washington, April 27-28-29, 2 out of 3.

Last night’s game was a strange one.  An error helped us score 3 in the first.  An error helped Florida score 3 in the ninth to make it tight.

Joe was dominating.  Good to see the rotation starting to round into form.  Next week, J. C. Romero returns to the bullpen which will really give us a strong, deep pen.

Keeping your sanity.  That’s baseball.  Shane was hot, got cold and now he’s hot again.  Jayson was hot, now he’s cold.  Chase has had his ups and downs.  Jimmy was down, now he’s turning it around. 

Raol doesn’t let up.  Sixth in NL All-Star outfield voting?  Let’s go!

Big Four
Postponed Mets game from May 3 will be made up 19 Sundays later, September 13, to be specific.  A big, crucial three-game series with the Mets just became a four-some.  It is the final meeting between the two clubs this season.

Hard to Believe, Harry
We’re 0-14 when scoring 3 or fewer runs.  The American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays are in the same pew, 0-17.  Explain that one.

When Pedro gets multiple hits, we’re 38-4. 

Chase broke an 0-for-19 at Citizens Bank Park last night.

Players of The Week
Awards in the Phillies minor league last week go to RHP Rodrigo Lopez (Lehigh Valley) and 2B Brad Harman (Reading).

Dog Numbers
Monday’s Dollar Dog Night: 66,242 bit the dust.  Worse, our Dollar Dog Night Record fell to 2-1, as a reader noted.  Doggone it.



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Hi! I just noticed that the originally scheduled 9/21 Monday game in Miami against the Marlins was rescheduled to All-Star week on 7/16, cutting the break a day short for the 2 teams. Any idea why this happened? You may have mentioned it and maybe I missed it so I thought I’d ask. It’s sad that they cut down the break for these guys :O(


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