High Ratings

Jamie just can’t get over the hump and get that elusive 250th win.  Two walks did him in last night.   Wes Helms followed those walks with the home run.

Offensively, Ryan was the show.  A puzzle as to why we play better on the road.  Hard to believe, Harry, as Richie Ashburn used to exclaim.

TV Ratings
Banner weekend for the tube.  Friday night’s WPHL telecast drew a season-high 8.8 rating for that station, a figure that was surpassed by Sunday’s. 9.1.

Saturday’s FOX telecast was the third for the Phillies.  It drew a 6.9 rating, much better than the previous FOX games (Braves and Mets).

Then, last night drew an 8.6 for Comcast SportsNet, the highest number for a cable game this season.

Season’s best rating remains the opener, Sunday night on ESPN, April 5, a 10.4 rating.

Fans continue to pour into Citizens Bank Park.  Everywhere the Phillies go on the road, Phillies fans come out in big numbers.  Sunday’s game at Yankee Stadium resembled a home game.  Home average is 43,208; road, 31,111. 




Congratulations on being named one of the Phillies Representatives at the MLB Amateur Draft. Might get boring to have to wait until #75 to turn in a card but I guess we can’t complain about signing a free agent who is headed to MVP consideration. Best Wishes to Wolever, LaMar and the rest of the scouting department for a successful draft . Here’s hoping Mr. Amaro allocated good money to the draft they way that Mr. Gillick did last year.

2-1 on hot dog night.

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