2-0 on Dollar Dog Nights


Can that number be topped tonight?  No, Citizens Bank Park can’t hold that many fans.
But 45,000 tummies will challenge Hatfield Phillies Franks Hot Dogs.  Yep, Memorial Day features dollar hot dogs tonight.  What a way to spend the holiday.

70,014?  That’s the number of hot dogs consumed on the last $1 dog night, May 12 vs. LA. 

Chooch certainly had an outstanding game on Sunday.  He singled to start the first rally against CC and doubled in the winning run in the 11th. 

He also gunned down two base runners and threw a road block at home plate to save a run.  When Chooch blocks home plate it resembles a wall of cement blocks.

Is he hot or what?  .396 on the 10-game trip with 7 home runs, 11 runs scored and 16 RBI. He has a career-high 10 homers this month.  Phillies record for May? Cy Williams, 15, 1923.  That’s only 86 years ago!

Andrew Carpenter, Sergio Escalona, John Mayberry Jr. and J.A. Happ all contributed on the 8-2 trip (6.5 runs per game).

Home Blues
A year ago, Phillies were 44-37 on the road.  They’ve continued that trend this year, 15-6, best in the majors (just under 6.5 runs per game).  Club record for the road: 48-33, 1976.

A year ago, we finished 15 over .500 at home, 48-33.  During October’s post-season, 7-0.  They’ve discontinued that trend this year, 8-12 (4.9 runs per game) as a six-game homestand begins tonight.

Last win at home: May 12 dollar dog night.  Other dollar dog night this year?  April 27, another victory.  Guess we need 81 dollar dog nights.



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People are SO excited about Raul, that it felt like a home game in NY yesterday when he came out to bat. The place was loaded with Phillies fans and we were loud!


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