Last Concert?

The 2009 Yearbook arrived last week.  Not many teams have Yearbooks anymore. We’ve had one since 1950. 

The publication is filled with photos, stats, a review of 2008 and the ever-popular family photos. 

Fans can purchase the Yearbook at the ballpark on game days, or in the Majestic Clubhouse store when the team is out of town. The most convenient way is online.

Last Concert Attended is one of the “Getting to Know…..” questions posed to the players:

Charlie Manuel: Willie Nelson
Joe Blanton: Kenny Chesney
Miguel Cairo: Elton John
Clay Condrey: Big state festival in Texas last year
Chris Coste: Tim McGraw
Greg Dobbs: Tim Brantley in Atlanta.  He’s a good friend, his CD is awesome.

Chad Durbin: Toby Keith
Scott Eyre: AC/DC
Cole Hamels: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
J.A. Happ: Rob Thomas
Ryan Howard: T.I./Busta Rhymes
Raul Ibanez: Pearl Jam, a great band

Brad Lidge: Drowning Pool and Jack Johnson
Ryan Madson: Goo Goo Dolls
Lou Marson: Wyclel Jean
Jamie Moyer: Led Zeppelin in London
Brett Myers: Nonpoint and Mudvayne
Jimmy Rollins: John Legend

J. C. Romero: 112
Matt Stairs: Rascal Flatts
Jack Taschner: John Mellencamp
Chase Utley: Coldplay
Shane Victorino: Jack Johnson
Jayson Werth: Staind

Geez, anyone ever hear of the Ink Spots, Kingston Trio, Four Aces, Andy Williams?

Have a great weekend!



I’m thinking that “Pearl Ham” must be a typo – otherwise that brings some very odd mental images to mind.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Yep, it was a friendly typo. Thanks for pointing it out. Is Pearl Ham a cousin of Pepper Ham?

The baron

Actually, the name Pearl Jam is based on Eddie Vedder’s great-grandmother Pearl and some weird Native American peyote-laced jam his great-grandpa made. So, it is still food-related :O)
Hey, Eddie Vedder’s solo tour is the last concert I saw! :O)


think it’s great that Moyer saw Zeppelin in London. My kind of music.

think it’s great that Moyer saw Zeppelin in London. My kind of music.

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