Band Box?

Sitting through a rain delay is not the most exciting thing at a ballpark.  As an employee, it was time do so something, mostly finding something to eat.  Not the healthiest situation, munching on fatty food late at night.

When you team is leading, such as last night, rain delays aren’t as painful.  Especially, last night’s big lead.  Unless the bottom really fell out when play was resumed, April 21 was going in the “W” column.

Rain delays also mean the radio broadcasters have to work, answering phone calls.  With Jim Jackson across the street with the Flyers last night, Scott Franzke resumed being host of “Rainout Theater.”  Scott did the bulk of being the host with help from LA and Sarge.  Callers came from all around the country because of the internet and XM radio.

Do you realize we haven’t played three straight games without something happening: ceremonies, rain, a death, tributes and a rain delay? Tonight’s weather might bring some more wet stuff.  After tomorrow, we have a weekend series in Miami.  Does it rain there?

LA mentioned that on the radio broadcast.  He also let the radio audience across the planet know he was hungry for a cheese steak after the game had resumed.  Planet Hoagie, located in Ashburn Alley, came through. 

With the passing of Harry Kalas, LA and Scott now do all 9 innings on radio.  TV features a combination of Tom McCarthy, Wheels and Sarge.

**Media labeled Citizens Bank Park a band box in 2004 because of the number of home runs that were being hit in the first season at our new playpen.  Let the record show, the first four games of the new ballpark produced 11 homers.  Yankee Stadium’s first four games, 20.  Since Babe Ruth didn’t build the new Yankee house, I guess we can’t call it Babe’s Band Box.

**Chase Utley has reached base 32 consecutive games.  It is noted in the Zo Zone blog.  Chase has also scored a run in 8 straight games.

**All Phillies 6 wins are come-from-behind.

**How many cheese steaks did LA consume last night?  He won’t say.  Why then is he wearing a girdle today?

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