Week 3

Today starts week 3. 

The first two weeks were filled with ups and downs and a lot of other things.  Just think, the players went through three different opening days, the World Series ring ceremony, the shocking death of Harry Kalas, one rain out and two Kalas tributes, pre-game Friday and Saturday’s Memorial Tribute. 

San Diego came to town.  The Padres were hot and posted two late-inning wins as the bullpen had a meltdown and Brad finally blew a save. 

Yesterday looked bleak until Raul delivered his game-winning homer.  We are 5-6 the same as a year ago.

The entire pitching staff is experiencing a location problem.  Too many fat pitches which have resulted into too many home runs, the most allowed in the majors.  Fast balls, sliders, curves, change-ups….whatever the pitch…need to be in certain locations.  Right now the pitchers are struggling with pitch location.  Pitchers go through slumps as do hitters.

Baseball isn’t a two-week season, but a six-month marathon.  Yesterday’s win replaced Saturday’s gut-wrenching loss and tonight’s Dollar Dog night is the focus.

Weather isn’t the best but this is the only time the Padres play in Philadelphia.  Rescheduling west coast teams for east coast rain outs isn’t easy. 


I would have to agree that the losses on Friday and Saturday were indeed gut-wrenching. Friday’s loss was especially disappointing, since it was an evening dedicated to Harry. The fact that the Phils blew a 6-run lead didn’t help either. But like Larry said, Raul’s game-winning homer in the bottom of the 9th on Sunday really helped.

I appreciate the explanation about the pitching staff experiencing a location problem. It seems that walks and home runs are really hurting them right now. I’m sure Rich Dubee will continue to work with the staff on figuring out if there are any mechanical flaws, etc. that are at the root of the problem. Actually, though, if I were Rich, I might even go back and watch some video of the ‘08 post-season. Whatever the Phils staff was doing in the NLDS, NLCS, and World Series, I would sure love to see them do that stuff again.

Ibanez vs Burrell
Clearly Burrell walks more than Ibanez and now balls hit to leftfield are boringly caught thus removing the added excitement you felt when Burrell was out there.

Charlie Manuel doesn’t have as much to think about in late innings which may ultimately affect his mental acuity in years to come and the dynamic Eric Bruntlett will see less playing time!

Conclusion – yet another in a very long line of bad decisions by Philadelphia. Almost as bad as Steve Carlton – Rick Wise; Curt Schilling – Jason Grimsley or Bobby Abreu – Kevin Stocker!

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