Sorry, I was unable to blog the last couple of days because a bunch of us were busy planning tributes to Harry Kalas on Friday night and Saturday.

Deadlines for print projects for both days starred us in the eyes yesterday.  A lot of people worked overtime.  As Christine Negley, manager of publications, said, “Anything for Harry.”

Yes, anything for Harry is very fitting.  He was loved by so many people, including those of us in the front office.

In addition to the Friday and Saturday plans, the May issue of Phillies Magazine is being changed.  Harry will be the cover story.  It will be a collector’s dream, same as the current issue.

Paying Their Respects
Fans continue to place momentos at the Mike Schmidt statue.  Heaven shed tears the last two days but the rain didn’t deter fans from leaving their items.  Todd Kalas visited the statue on Tuesday afternoon and was brought to tears.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
On behalf of the Kalas family and the Phillies family, thanks to all the fans for the momentos, cards, letters, phone calls and the ton of e-mails.  We truly appreciate the the affection.

Please understand It has become impossible to respond.  We hope everyone understands.

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