Amazing Comeback

One-by-one the players walked on the field and received their World Series rings.  Later in the seventh inning, they walked around the bases in an amazing comeback win today.

We drew 10 walks from the Braves, the most since we had 10 in a game on September 4, 2007, also at Citizens Bank Park and also against the Atlanta staff.

In a real oddity, the Phillies had eight consecutive batters record an RBI in the bottom of the seventh inning.
Ryan Howard’s RBI in the big seventh was the 500th of his career.  His double in the second inning was the 100th of his career.  The big guy has piled up some big numbers very quickly while in the big leagues.

For the first time, the rings were unveiled during the pre-game ring ceremony.  Pat Gillick was the first one to receive his from David Montgomery.  Gillick began to tear up and he remained very emotional throughout the parade of 36 others who got their rings. 

Players who were on the roster all of last season or the postseason roster were invited.  Exceptions were Mike Zagurski and Francisco Rosario who were on the DL all season.

Pat Burrell got the loudest ovation, which was cool.  Adam Eaton was booed, which wasn’t cool.  He deserved to be respected as a person this time.  Booing is fine but it should have its place. 

Thursday evening, the team leaves on the first road trip, a 6-gamer.  They fly to Denver and take Amtrak home from DC a week later.

While in DC, they get to meet President Obama at the White House on Tuesday afternoon.  That’s really cool.  

Will be off a few days.  Have a great Easter weekend. 


I agree about the booing – there was just no place for that. But my favorite part of the ceremony was watching Gillick’s lip quiver as he tried not to bust! Uncharachteristic for him. Utley gave an interview afterwards and said he was surprised by it as Gillick usually has a “tough skin” and he thought it was a bit weird to see his “soft side.” Funny stuff.
So hey, tell the Prez I said hi :O)


Eaton blows. If he was left on the roster the phillies wouldn’t have won the world series. he doesn’t deserve a ring

What a wild game! Wish I could have been there, but had to settle for watching on TV in between doing my actual work. While I agree the booing of Eaton doesn’t belong in such a great celebration, I have to wonder what he was thinking when he decided to come. Seriously, what kind of reception did he expect? On the other hand, what a great ovation Pat got from the fans! I wish him well with the Rays this year.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Happy Easter, Larry!


I can not believe some fans….or, are they frontrunner fans? Booing is suppose to be for the opposing team. No player is trying to screw up…if there had been more support and less booing, who knows. Our guys won the World Series! As a Team! This is what I am so proud of. Did they play outstanding all year… Did we all get mad or frustrated throughout the season, those hot days when they all looked as though they would rather be in a pool somewhere sipping on a cold one…sure did. But, they had each others back; and scored on some pretty hard to believe plays…each one of them had some pretty bad days at one time or another, so don’t pick on one guy. One guy who had some good times and everyone cheered. How do you think this treatment effects the rest of the team? Lighten up and stand behind the Team, all of them, no matter what! Don’t make excuses for one guy and beat their team mate to a pulp; what kind of message does it send to the entire team. My opinion only, but booing someone on your own team just seems to humiliate them all. I love the game and look forward to each one, but I can’t stand to see any of our guys booed; it’s low.

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