“Oh, brother.”

That was one of the favorite on-the-air expressions of the late Richie Ashburn.

Can we borrow that right now?

Hey, someone call Delta airlines.  Ask them to check the luggage department of the 737 aircraft that brought the Phillies north last Thursday night.  Perhaps the bats are still there.

A struggling start isn’t new to the Phillies.  We’ve dropped the opening series five straight years.  

On a bigger scale, the defending World Champions have lost the first series in three of the last five seasons.

In checking the musty, dusty archives, I couldn’t find a Phillies start in which they scored just ne run while losing the first two games.  The files date back to the 1911 season.  In 1991, we started by losing, 2-1, 2-1.

Where is the fan that used to yell, “Woo, hoo!  Everybody hits?”


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the original woo hoo man ,bill,passed away several years ago….

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