Busses left for Kissimmee at 8 this morning.  For some reason, I missed the bus….again.  That keeps my number of road trips in Florida at zero.

Minor league games at Carpenter Complex today were played at 10 this morning.  Staff then held a long meeting reviewing personnel.  Mentioned yesterday that more cuts are coming today.  Actually, the news may not be delivered to the players until tomorrow or Sunday.

Some readers have asked for a list of the cuts.  I’ll wait until the full list is in. 

As Todd Zolecki reported in his Zo Zone blog, Cole is feeling fine and scheduled to pitch Sunday against the Red Sox at Bright House Field.  Game will be on TV in Philly, myphl17.  Thundershowers are in the forecast.

Tomorrow’s game against the Pirates in Bradenton will be on ComcastSportsNet TV.

Both games will also be on WPHT 1210 AM in Philly as well as phillies.com and MLB TV. 

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You sound terribly upset about missing the bus again…ha, ha! So congrats on 600 blogs! And you never put me to sleep…thanks for all you do :O)


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